January 20, 2009
By Hannah Ruggiero, Seattle, WA

Love is a curious, glorious thing;
It creeps up behind and then it will spring.
Love can be fickle and without due care,
Or sometimes a heavy burden to bear.

Whether shown with kisses, hugs or a ring,
Love makes us silent, as love makes us sing.
Love is your friend, though oft seen as a foe,
Love will always find you, whither you go.

What is it, that which we often call love?
Is it chocolate, or the flight of a dove?
Love for the best of friends, or for a mate,
Love is for all of us, driven by fate.

Love is euphoria, love is laughter.
Love is soulfilling, love ever after.
Passion is filled with fresh zest, zeal and zing-
The mysteries gifts of roses can bring.

For love we must hope; to hope is to love,
Some love from below, some love from above.
Love that is won, and love forever lost,
’Tis ne’er wrong to love, no matter the cost.

The author's comments:
How can we represent something as elusive and powerful as love with four simple letters? Why do we search for love - and search to know what love is?

Poetry can define love, but it can come closer. Please feel free to offer comments and/or critique - as a writer, these are the best reward and method of improvement!

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