The Thief

January 20, 2009
By Alexa Rancourt, Bradenton, FL

shallow licks of air
drench her tongue in hollow emotions
left out in the heat to sour
by the man who feels nothing...
...but self satisfaction
clouds his eyes
in a fashion familiar only to those who know no boundaries
he strokes her back with an emotionless touch...
...devoid of any thought
as if habit has slowly cut through her skin
and drilled its way into her bones
she continues but doesn't know why...
...he smiles
but not for her
his callous heart beat with irrevocable silence
as he tightens the knot in her stomach...
...with his crass voice
he utters her names
and burns her ears with spurious praise
leaving her with less than what she had before...
...only a splintered soul
fluttering in the embers of her anguish
and as he forgets her
dragging the seconds of her life carelessly behind him
she gasps for air
suffocated by the emptiness he left within her

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