The true story of a broken heart

January 18, 2009
Down in the ground, buried deep to never be found, soil and rocks smothering the sound of the now mumbling beating. Pum pum pum...fading away like a rotting corpse being eaten by maggots, enjoying the flesh of a once pure heart. It was happy once, innocent and willing, but time took charge to turn it into a black resentfull being. Each time it grew colder even when the feeling wasn't strong enough to move the soul. It became accustomed to shatter even when the pieces could reconstruct by themselves. The stitches started to grow again, stronger than before, it was like the mind threw signals for it to close eternally, but it became independent and thought to itself, egocentric just to feel love and get the attention it always lusted..poor pathetic little heart. It started to realize (now that the brain was of no need), that every time it jumped, a little part died inside, for it couldn't resist the neglect of this bearer who believed the lies embellished by tender words... poor pathetic little heart. Time kept passing by and there was no need of it to hear words anymore, for now a glance was enough to make it fall again.. "stupid bearer what are you doing to me?" it always said but once again ignored...poor pathetic little heart. Stabbed and bleeding it begged for mercy and bargained just to survive one more day, unbeknownst of what still waited the next. Once it thought all was finally over, but that foolish bearer had the nerve to fall once again and yes, again...poor pathetic little heart. Now, I the bearer, have decided to let it finally rest in peace, for it has existed in a world filled with nothing but lies and games that were always lost. Rest now my love, I'll never ask you to feel again, it is a pledge I make for you today my poor pathetic little heart...hard to believe eh? But I've made my choice, go now to that place where you'll find happiness, for it was all you ever needed. What a shame it isn't a thing we can share together. As for me...I'll be nothing but a heartless entity wandering this world that once belonged to you, my now joyful, but dead heart.

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