Sunny Winter Day

February 10, 2009
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Who made Winter?
Who made the cold weather and the icy winds?
Who made the snowflakes?
These snowflakes, I mean-
the ones who push themselves out of snow clouds
the ones that slowly float down from the sky
who fall and melt into your hands
who fall faster as if they're angry
Now they hit the ground
Now they cover the ground with a white blanket
I dont know if all people feel the same way about snow.
I do know when its the right time to go sledding, the right hill to go down,the right way to climb the hill,
how to watch out for icy patches in the snow, how to get the right speed going down the hill so the snowflakes cant touch me
which is what I've been doing ever since the first day I went sledding
So tell me, is there anything else I should know?
Doesnt everyone want the snow to fall around but not on them?
Tell me, what do you plan on doing on a nice, cold, sunny winter day?

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