Downpour - a poem written in the style of Edgar Allan Poe's

February 10, 2009
By Darcy McFarlane BRONZE, Mill Valley, California
Darcy McFarlane BRONZE, Mill Valley, California
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Imitating the Style of Edgar Allan Poe's 'Serenade'

The thick fog drifts, as clouds loom wearily
Slowly sliding across the lazy sea
Waves lap upon thy shore
I slumber and loll upon the beach with a snore
O God you watch me lackadaisical
Jubilant in this weather so whimsical
I pray not for sun, but beating rain
Rain is thy true lover, I will not refrain
Tis' harmonious yet vigorous
We much alike, the two of us
Perfect would be this morning with a downpour
If granted I will as of you no more
Rain is the playful element
Tap dancing on the cement
I splash and bound
Energy from the snooze I've found
Liquid joy and abundant bliss
Thus the rain I shall kiss
Soaking thy locks and threads
Droplets immerse among my head
The rain shall plummet among all
The summit of mountain and waterfall
And upon the rocky cliff's wall
The forests dense and valleys wide
Rain shall fall and as I, nature shall abide

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