February 10, 2009
By anangelicdeath00 BRONZE, Cromwel, Connecticut
anangelicdeath00 BRONZE, Cromwel, Connecticut
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Life is as natural as 1,2, and 3.
It comes with a handful of problems and dreams.
Reality is as fake as we want it to be.
Dreams make as much snese as walking backwards.
I make as much sense as you, and you make as much sense as me.
Problems are non-existent, we create them for ourselves.
Just as we wish on stars...
Just as we believe they will come true...
What is the difference between you and me??
It is nothing but a few molecules and DNA particles.
That is all anyhting is, we are all the same.
Life is made to be something huge, when in reality, it is just something we are born into, and are forced to live.

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