Word of a Gun's Dream

February 11, 2009
We here the shot why'll we shiver in fear.
Slowly we watch their color disappear.
We brave for words of fearful love,
But all that comes out is tears from above.
Our eyes get swooned by liquid empathy,
And you start to feel the empty pain,
Why'll your head starts to fill with thoughts of rage.
You step to your feet right by their grave.
You start to run, run, and run with rage.
Dashing toward the darkened figure-
You see it start to pull the trigger,
and as you come towards it ready to fight.
You suddenly open your eyes to a familiar light.
Glancing and turning to see nothing in sight.
It seems like it was just a nightmarish fright.

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TricksterSteveo said...
Jun. 4, 2009 at 12:02 pm
Only problem is a submited it with a couple grammar mistakes whoops XP
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