February 8, 2009
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People stare at me like im just a child
Funny looking and shapeless
Like their minds gone wild
But the thing is i'm a young woman see
Yeah i'm funny lookin and shapeless but hey thats just me
I may look like a twelve year odl girl
Who's just trying to be grown
Like i'm being a follower nuthin but a clone
But the thing is see i'm 15
Oh you didnt know
Here is my story with a unique flow
Always felt out of place
Worn out and used
I'm not trying to you some sad blues
I'm just straight out tellinig da truth
People using me for what i got like I'm stupid ya know
Wow that really is our all time low
Always saying there real
But really there truly being fake
Still trying to prove me
That was a big mistake
Trying to prove myself was the wrong thing to do
But still life goes on
Time doesn't freeze
I'm going to let this go over my head like a cool breeze
So yea i may look funny looking and shapelessto you
But it really dont matter
Cause im gonna do me and you gonna do you

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