Waiting to Die

February 7, 2009
By rockurself SILVER, Hillsboro, Ohio
rockurself SILVER, Hillsboro, Ohio
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The clouds are so hazy and grey
Upon the window teardrops fall
Glass held by wooden panes
keeps me from the drenching rain
The trees tower so far above

Smoke flows past my red lined lips
Ambers fall as time goes by
How I wish I could see the night through
their innocent loving eyes

But I stand inside this lonely room
Waiting for the vultures to light in my room

How I miss them so
Ironically, the rain reminds me
of their smiling faces lit by summer skies
Their sweet laughs that set hearts aglow

I turn to stare
To see where they once lay
in a fit of fury
screaming in tears
But all I see is their miniature coffins
My heart is torn apart
by incredible losses

How I hate the fates
That took their lives
with Scissors in hand,
spilling out psychotic cackles,
they cut the fragile threads

Now I lay alone on this bed
and tears are all that seem to come
from memories that are seared and pressed into my mind

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