The me inside

February 6, 2009
By Cleveland BRONZE, Salters, South Carolina
Cleveland BRONZE, Salters, South Carolina
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here i am compelled to follow instinct, to lead the herd to destruction.where is will, where is that which is to expound my destiny, manifest the hope and dreams, lubricate the mind-body-and soul. i am fixated in the set of mind, relaxation may not come in time. ill be honest i can not lie. this is not me. outsides match not that which lies insides. hiding behind thoughts of untold crimes of faith-loyalty-and passion. its fear in unsecceded images lies.

polluted by the corrupt ways of society, captivated, vexed into solitude of self- injustice. unknown conflict of the dark frustration taking the victory over practicality. can any be tranquil or is it the gift given to the chosen difference, the selected minority rising freshly appalled. confusion stirs anger which serves as motivation/inspiration to the savage acts committed by self. advocating the scene the scheme and logic.past time beckons upon sageness in the other perspective not persuiwing the respect of peering peers

the piercing lances of poking eyes are immaculate painful. an instant quellment sustains the moment. silence is denoting, thoughts crossing-developing-intertwining in grasp with the realness of triumphant defeat. passing through minds are the mere thoughts consumed in past by those gone, those which have moved on to places uncharted.hope, limited but persist ant lingering in the corners consuming dreaded memories lay me down, strip me of morality-humanity, strip me of who i am- hide THE ME INSIDE.

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