February 6, 2009
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As the smell of rust, salt, and the buring of flesh tingles the nose
Driving by, filling the body with the scent all the way to your toes
Looking at the eyes, on the side of the road, filled with hate and disgust
Causing your blood to boil and curdle with anger and a must

A must to set them right
To see that what is wrong is wrong; as they only see black and white
As Lincoln once said,"All Men are Created Equal"
So why are they dead, on your hands, at that?
Slipping into sleep and tranquil all those people

Their white hoods go up
Preparing for the kill
Like a hunter, they crouch before their pray
Watching how still that their victim lay

LOOK at this, what you have done: the torture, the burning, the beating of life
And LOOK upon the strife and the face of his wife
LOOK at the hurt, the anger, and sorrow and pain
Watch as her tears and her srtuggle disperse in the coming rain

So that's what you think is your duty and job
Dress in all white and act like a mob
So this is what you do and speak
I would like you to put yourself in his shoes
And feel how weak

How weak he feels from the continuous pain
All because of skin color
How could you all be so vain?

They leave this Earth and all that remains
Discrimination, racism, sexism still maintains
They fought for each other, their sisters and brothers
And I give a salute to each and everyone
To their state-of-mind and their country and all of their sons

For it took courage to do what they do
It took bravery to do what they did
And that they said and spoke
For equality among our races

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