Am I

February 6, 2009
By , Canton, MS
Am I

Am I less than you because I lie?
Or am I just like you because I cry
I never asked you to judge me
All I did was tell you to tell me what did you see
Do you want me to say sorry to you
Or are you careless, you don't care what I do
Am I mean just becauase I say mean mean words
Tell me am I educated because I say words you never heard
Can I be opinionated just because I always got something to say
Or am I a dependent because I depend on God to make a way
Are you a Christian because you shout Amen
Tell me why do you so called Christains judge me because I sinned
Am I an unholy person becauseI get talked about too
I hope you know that if they talked about me and JESUS they will talk about you
Tell me what makes you so better than me
Because God look and love all of us equally
Am I a person you might considered unholy
But I believe in every word that the bible has told
So let me ask myself who am I
I am the child that was sent from the sky

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