February 6, 2009
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As of right now I am taking back control. I am taking back control of everything thats mine. I will no longer let the world control who I am are what I am destined to be. It willl no longer tell me what I should eat are what I should be. It will no longer mwke me hate myself the way I am. For, I am taking back my independence. I was depending on the world for love, guidence, and so much more, but each time it fell me.I thought the world was going to help me defind who I am but the oppsite happened. I became lost, not only in myself, but in the world as well. I thought the world was going to help build me up, but it only knocked me down. An I will no longer be that lost soul. I let the world take control of my feelings, my thoughts, and my mind. I gave it control of me. my life. But as of right now I am declaring war, because I am taking back my life and everything with it. For, the first time I am defending myself. The world no longer has any power left here. I am starting a battle that will evently will become a war. For, I will be ready, because I refuse to let the world controll me anymore.

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