The Beautiful People

February 5, 2009
By ANoKneeMouse BRONZE, Davis, California
ANoKneeMouse BRONZE, Davis, California
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There is a whole race of the beautiful people.
Is whole a race beautiful people there is.

Beautiful people are rich and delightful.
Rich and delightful are beautiful people.

They all have a charm the ugly ones want.
The charm ugly want one that they all have.

They can live longer and they are always better.
Always better they can live longer they are.

Never challenge a beauty because you will lose.
Lose if you challenge because a beauty will never.

The beautiful people look down to the untalented.
Untalented people the beautiful look down to.

You must worship the beautiful because they over rule you.
Beautiful you worship they must over rule you.

The beautiful have faces that the ugly would die for.
The ugly faces death and they know how is beautiful.

The ugly have more failures but the beautiful learn better.
The more ugly failures the better they learn.

The beautiful people know how failure is ugly.
The ugly people know how fail for is beautiful.

Beautiful people love to watch the ugly die faster.
Ugly love faster watch beautiful people die.

The author's comments:
I wrote this a long time ago- the first like is supposed to be the "beautiful" and the second "the ugly." Notice how the second changes towards the end of the poem. I think it's pretty cool, not to be cocky or anything.

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