Living in Hell

February 5, 2009
By Aram Adajian BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Aram Adajian BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Living, dying isn't it all the same? For the suffering we feel it's a horrible pain. The anguish that's in us it just feels so bad, and the horrible things we do, we are not glad.

This pain, suffering, and anguish we feel, these are things we hope to never reveal. For because of all that we must be concealed and if not concealed we will be appealed. For if not heaven to be our true faith the hell we fright, let's make it a date!

Into the hell and out of the light we feel ashamed for some reasons that just aren't right. Though through all this I may protest that life is a horror, and we must survive until it's all over.

The author's comments:
Hi!! I'm Aram this is my poem which for some reason was not accepted by this big fancy poem company i hope it will get in.. this poem is about the life of all humans the title i think fits it because we all do bad things and we sometimes dont apologize for them so it stays bad around you just like in hell where your surrounded in hatred, anger, and other bad things..... Thank You

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