Living on a prayer

December 1, 2015
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Through the streets of pavement grey,among the city hustle

She and her young brother slowly shuffle

Tapping at car widows,looking through the glass

Coins dropped near their feet or tossed to their path

Faces pass, ignoring the eyes of hunger

She hunts around, a meagre meal for her brother.


But alas! The day is done and the sun begins to set

Hand in hand they trudge in the rain,slippery and wet

Through an alley awaits a home of tin and board

That is their life,that is all they can afford.


She pulls out the loaf of beard she wishes they had bought

The baker had run behind,but she was not caught

They eat in silence,no words need to be spoken

Silence has a sound,yet it seems to be broken.


Together in a huddle,they get ready to sleep

She could not,it was cold,all she could do is weep

She listens to her brother's soft breathing

She closes her eyes,let it be soothing.


May tomorrow be a blessed day

Every scrap of bread, let it come our way

Pray for the sun,birds and blue sky they say

Pangs of hunger and loneliness for them are far away

Day after day,night after night

This is her prayer,to live and to fight.

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