Child's Spring Day

February 2, 2009
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Lightning strikes up from the ground

Ricocheting from cloud to cloud like a ping-pong ball between paddles

Thunder rumbles the heavens in answer to the Lightning's childish request

'I will play with you little one' he says with a booming laugh.


Rain splatters to Earth with neat little 'plinks'

Little flowers bow their heads so their roots can receive their drink

The Sun watches this Spring time ritual and shines brighter during the shower

'Grow tall and beautiful little ones' he say with a grin.


A child sees a star at night and reaches her tiny hand to catch it

Her mother laughs upon seeing this and lifts the child higher in her arms

The child reaches out with both hands now, struggling to catch what she can not

'You may yet catch the star little one' says the mother with a warm, loving smile.

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