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February 2, 2009
By jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
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while trying to bring it all back together
we lost some pieces along the way
should we go out and buy new one
and start over, or throw it away?
maybe we can just re-make the pieces, you say
no, i'm not taking the easy way out this time
not today


time passes like a ship sailing across the sea
stopping at the turnstile, waiting for you and me
should we move on and keep going?
they tell me to just "wait it out"
well, i tried that, i waited
all it got me was hatred
and the anger burned holes in my brain
i take the pain
let's just go


i've been trying to keep myself together for a year
i went throught the running, the screaming, the tears
this isnt giving up, it's letting go
i'm ready for the show
this time i'll listen


that light in my eye, casted a shadow between us
and the fear of the burning, destroyed all my trust
so even with me lighting the way, i cant see
nor, fill that great hole that is empty in me


re-emburse me now, for all that wasted paint
and that burden of sorrow, that made me grow faint
i know you cant, but if you could, you'd be a saint
and i know you would, but your heart is too daint


the knowledge of the math, of the splitting of the two, is gone
but the damage is done, so i'm left with just one
that pentiful sinner we know as "the son"
and he's lost now, so what have we won?


why is it always about winning
and putting things in their place?
why must i walk past the dying
and keep a smile on my face?
well, "hope' is the son of "abuse"
they feed you it to keep you confused


keep your keys in the bowl
and your teeth in a jar
you lies in your head
and your home at the bar


after all that is done, this is what you get
and addiction to time, and cheap cigarettes
and the memories of all of the people you've met
you're alone now, and that's all that's left

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