I Used To Say

February 1, 2009
I used to say
that I wanted to watch
Bone-chilling news reports- slyly, I claimed I could take it up a notch

And I would tell you
that I wanted to go to the driving range
That I liked carrying the buckets- you said I was strange

I used to declare
that I wanted to help cook
Cinnamon and salt lingering in the air, at you I would look

And I would often announce
that I liked cleaning the water
Cunningly catching victims with the net, you said I was the perfect daughter

But I didn't like news reports or driving ranges
And to cook or to clean wasn't what I wanted to do
All I really wanted was to be with you

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jellyinthesky said...
Feb. 17, 2009 at 10:54 am
very sweet. i really liked it.
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