You or you?

January 31, 2009
By gothchick1995 SILVER, Santa Clara, California
gothchick1995 SILVER, Santa Clara, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Braccas meas vescimini!" ('eat my pants' in Greek)

I dround myself with music,
so I don't have to listen to you.
Nothing existest outside my room.
No people.
No noise.
I have everything I need right here.
If I close my eyes,
I can have anything.
I can have you,
but it's not you.
The you with me here,
loves me.
The you here doesn't care,
that my rooms a mess,
that i pound the keyboard,
instead of lightly hitting the them.
the real you,
can come in,
if you promise to,
love me,
to not judge me,
to just sit by me and just be

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