January 31, 2009
By Ashley777 SILVER, Brownsville, Texas
Ashley777 SILVER, Brownsville, Texas
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I have done everything to make u smile
or at least make u notice me,
but anything I've tried, failed.
I want to feel needed or special
in some other way instead of feeling
like a slave.
I know you know I'm here
but u don't even care,
you hide me from people
and you keep me from seeing the good
but you make me see the evil.
I don't care if u still want me here,
I'm going to leave you someday
and that's when you will see what
you are missing.
I am your daughter not a toy to play with
and you are my father not a murder.
You might have broken everyone else in your way,
but I am different and its time to pay

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