January 31, 2009
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She's still living
Still Breathing
Heart still beating

Her eyes grow grey by each passing day
By each pssing day
Still looking for a way

On her own again
Stuck on her own two feet
Let go into the world again
Her heart now shattered
And Her sould of course tattered
I gave her tape and she found the shape
Of her heart
And peiced ech part

She lies there in the sun
I guess her time is done...
Why has she gone?

Though the paper drenched in blood and dread
Can hardly be read
I know what it was she said.

"I promise I'll stay strong
No matter what goes wrong.
I'll stay sane and shout my name
In pride
And I won't hide."

Her finaly words written
Left unsaid,
Though the paper can hardly be read

No one knows her,
She knows no one
But she trusted you see,
And that person is me.
Only I know,
She is

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