Memories of never

January 30, 2009
By jasmine sheffield BRONZE, Ocean Springs, Mississippi
jasmine sheffield BRONZE, Ocean Springs, Mississippi
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faster I fall
wondering... will any one catch me
As my heart beat faster...
a hand grabs ahold of mine own
but not the hand of friend nor foe
one like I have never felt
one more sweet,
one that I know feels the same
my mind filled with love and hate,
mine heart longing to remember
and yet to forget
many emotions, one small space
they all seem to burst from my eyes
I cry and laugh... still falling
Time's meaning forgets itself
forever lost in thought with another
with skin soft and sweet
knowing my fate, I hold fast
wanting to release
I see my doom approach
A soft voice whispers in mine ear
it tells me of a land free of worry
but a land that I must stray from
love and hate hold to me
the dark of death grabs at me
I hear the sweet voice in my ear
emotions confuse me
anger feeds my love
while love feeds my anger
I feel only the hand in mine
always falling
for eternity
then I feel a kiss upon mine lips
I open my eyes
the most beautiful face stares into mine eyes
a face of sorrow
one of pain
i stare into her eyes as death comes fast
In her arms, I accept my fate
as death greets us as friends,
she and I walk forever as lovers

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