To Him...

January 30, 2009
By Emily Morris GOLD, Georgetown, South Carolina
Emily Morris GOLD, Georgetown, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
[[Scream to be heard]]

A million times a day
I wonder how my life would be
If your eyes suddenly glanced towards me
If I were to write words down
It would only be to say
That I like you
And why I feel this way

They would have to say you're gorgeous
And as rare as a golden beat
The words would probably say you're fine
All the way from ears to feet

You are funny, different, and loving
You are as caring as can be
You are weird, crazy, and fun
And you mean the world to me

You listen when there's no one to talk to
You're like a wave without a crest
With all the guys out there in the world
I have got to rate you the best

Still so much is left unheard
For it would take too long
But if I were to give them to you
I would write them in a song

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