February 2, 2009
By lacey. SILVER, Nottingham, Other
lacey. SILVER, Nottingham, Other
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So I'm sorry I'm not like the other girls,
Not as beautiful or even as smart.
Just me, shining as much as I can.
I'll just carry on, like you do nothing wrong
But we're watching your every move
And you know, I know, I will find out,
I'll just smile when I see your words on that page
Fighting the urge to break you down,
Hoping that nothings going on but sooner or later
You'll see what you're losing and change your ways.

Like you said, that's not me,
And I said, there no two of you.
You know what you're doing but you can't seem to help it,
And I don't think you even can, for me.
You were meant to be different, you said, I'd treat you right.
But your words were just those, words.
There was no meaning not even a hidden one,
I can't believe I fell for your pathetic smile.
Your promises, you're love, that wasn't even love.
You've changed your ways, but have they got worse?

So I'm sorry, I'm not that girl.
But I don't even care, because you didn't accept me,
I accepted your flaws, and grew to adore them
I just wasn't worth it
Was i?

The author's comments:
i have been writing for a very long time and im easily inspired, i really love to express my feelings and thoughts in them so i hope you enjoy.

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