February 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am trapped in a jungle,
A jungle enclosed with feelings along with fear,
Feelings of frustration,
And the fear of rejection,

All of this is caused by a single being,
Who goes by the name of ???????,
I may be going crazy or something but,
I think I'm in love,

I feel the bees and butterflies,
All soaring through my body,

I know she shares some kind of feeling toward me,
For the most part because she hangs out with me,
Although her mother forbids her from doing so,

Once we begin talking,
My eyes gaze at her eyes,
All I see is a never-ending river of hope,
The hope to tell her how I really feel about her,
And I just redden,

Once I think I have the words,
I begin to move my mouth,
My heart begins to pound with anxiety,
In that time I imagine what she would say,

Will she reject me?
Will she reject me?
Will she reject me?
Will she reject me?
Will she reject me'?

And that is all I think about,
The next thing that occurs is,

Can anyone tell me if I'm CRAZY or NOT?

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