I'm Still Waiting

February 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I'm Still Waiting
You say that the past is the past
You need one chance,
But it's too late to make it right
You probably wouldn't if you could.
You should have never let it get back to me,
What you did with her.
You should have thought twice,
Before you let it all go.
Then maybe you might still have me.
You keep saying that you are sorry,
But it is too late now,
So why bother apologizing.
Because I'm still mad as hell
But it cannot break me now.
I can't bring my self,
To do what it is you think I should.
Because everything you did was weakness in you.
Because you cant handle a true girl
The ones that really truly understand.
It hurt too much
But I t is what it is.
I'm not ready for this,
I'm not ready to back down.
Forgiving you sounds good
Forgetting it, I'm not sure I could,
They say time heals everything.
But I'm still waiting'.

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