Corazon Destrozado

February 4, 2009
By Kathleen Cooper BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Kathleen Cooper BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Corazon Destrozado
(Destroyed Heart)

Why is it that every time I try?

I fail

Every time I do something good'

It isn't good enough

How come I give you my heart'

And you just throw it away'

I can't believe that you didn't even love me,

And all those times you promised,

That I was your number one.

All those days'

And all those nights'

Weren't even true'

How could you hurt someone that much smaller than you?

How could you be so cruel?

How could you stab me in my heart?

You've destroyed my heart'

Left it in pieces'

And now when I try to love someone'

I can't,

Because you still have the pieces

Of my broken heart

The author's comments:
My heart was broken by my 1st love and it felt like someone had teared a hole in my heart and left it in pieces. So to get my feelings out in a calm way i wrote this poem.

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