February 3, 2009
By Lola Ashirmetov BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Lola Ashirmetov BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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hair swaying in the breeze
I fill my lungs with air
People you have to please
Your feelings; they don't care

The dreams we have as kids
Will one day all be broken
As darkness soon takes over
Your love my only token

I press my cheek to the window
Remembering happy days
You know you'll always be the one
This isn't just a phase

Time just flying as we grow
The trust we need to learn
If only erasers could fix all problems
So that you I wouldn't yearn

The author's comments:
I was mad at my mom when I wrote this. I sat on my windowsill and pressed my cheek to the window. To calm myself down, I tryed thinking of happy thoughts and the poem just poared right out of my soul.

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