The Story Of A Young Lonely, Lost Girl

February 3, 2009
By stephanie avila BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
stephanie avila BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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This is a story of a young girl
Lost and alone
Afraid of the world
With no place to call home.

From when she was small
No one really did care
She had no one at all
No one who would be there.

So at age 13
She turned to a knife
Only a young teen
Yet she wished to end her life.

Every day she would make another cut.
No one could see
As her door was always shut
And for years that's the way it would be.
As time passed by
Things only got worse
All she could do was cry
And she felt like she was under a curse.

Then came the day
When she ended it forever
No longer could she stay
And now she will no longer have that pain, not ever

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