This Feeling

February 3, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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I look up at the overcast skies
It returns the glance, but never cries
I ponder as I gaze at the infinite size
What is this feeling? What is my prize?
It feels like I could float above the earth
It feels like death, it feels like birth
It feels like learning something I'd never been taught
Because in your web I'm wonderfully caught
I love it but it feels like I'm beginning to rot
Will this discomfort go away? I certainly hope not.
It feels like my heart sizzles and fries
And fear and doubt just withers and dies
My heart seems to think I'm engaged in exercise
It feels like I've been caught in a million lies
My heart wants to be confident, it yearns, it tries
I'm burning old bridges to build new ties.

I love looking up at the limitless skies
It reminds me of your deep and beautiful eyes
It's such an odd feeling between girls and guys
What's it called? Oh' It's just Butterflies.

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