Sanely Insane

October 29, 2015
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My sanity is in jeapordy with my reality, as it hangs by a thread i lose the words to speak.My lungs are failing I can barely breath, because somehow the whole world is falling down on me.


Im mentally illminded trying to find my perscription, but it seems I'm stuck with this there is no way out. Trying to find my way out of this maze , but im hitting dead ends at every bend. 


I take 5 steps foward and 10 seps back. Can anyone tell me when this will end?? My mindstate is royally decaying with every second I'm stuck in this prison sell that i  call me. 


How many more times do i have to fight, my battle scars are reopend and im bleeding out tonight. There is noone who can mend my wounds , I think im dying. What do i do??


Endless nights as i lay, awake my mind is still wandering , while i vask in the pain. My eyes are wide awkake they call it insomnia , when in reality it's just my brain torturing me with-


Thought of every day life , telling me that things arn't right. Reminding me that im gradually depressed laughing as I'm constantly upset. Leading me to understandings that its not going to stop without a fight , but i have to many scars for one night. 


So i lose my mind for a minute , then in an instant i seem to forget. My sanity seemed to have left and my insanity took over me . i look around my room and it looks like a mess . I look at myself and i see im a mess. Blood is dripping from my hands as i look at my wrisk.. I guess it's what happens when my sanity leaves for a bit

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