Our Immortal

January 29, 2009
By Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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As you stepped in my life,

My life soaked with a euphoria,

As you stepped in my life,

My heart studded with delight,

And I saw a light of hope and trust,

As you stepped in my life,

I am absorbed in the vast ocean

In love with you, perplexed

In the deep of your own

Soul, And for that I don't know to be float

And as I don't have a boat,

In the vista of this ocean

Im about to be out of breath,

In you, And this is quite secret

And I amd trying to reach the peak

As you mailed me

And offered

To exchange our spirit,

I went insane,

And mailed back in an instant,

As we agreed finally,

We were more intimated

And estimated

A omen about myriad,

Of our life, to hold

It on, having a firm grip, careful so that it is not shattered

Into pieces, never could

Be fixed,

for a second time, and we are not ditched,

In the myrrh of other buds, or vast world.

I am determined,

To be understood

By each other, every second,

And deliberate, it is not shale cracked, or spill

And let it just be immortal,

An immortal of ours,

Until there's an end,

Till our one last breathe.

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