Never Be The Same

January 29, 2009
By ruhxbeckxuh BRONZE, Fair Haven, Michigan
ruhxbeckxuh BRONZE, Fair Haven, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
People come in and out of our lives for a reason.

There's an ocean in my head that would match the notion in your heart.
This would never be what it is without the loving part.
This would never be imagined because reality isn't this clever.
All it really knows is stay with me forever.
But we know better than that.
We make this better than reality can imagine.
We make this better than any talented writer can.
This is so much more.
Let's shake the world to the core.
And show reality what imagination is really like.
Let's match your notion with my ocean
And really show the motion
Of two stars as they meet in the sky.
Let's put the world to shame.
Cause it'll never be the same.
No never be the same.
Not when we're through with it.

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