My Hands Hold More Then You Could Imagine...

January 28, 2009
By RooSea BRONZE, Sooke, Other
RooSea BRONZE, Sooke, Other
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I hold The Secret of Life in my hands. Clasping it tightly, fearing its knowledge could at any moment slip from my grasp and fade away through my finger tips.

I want to share with every friend, every family member, every enemy, every stranger walking on by. Needing to give to anyone, anyone who is wise to listen to what I have to say but most will not acknowledge the unknown, too stubborn to explore the undiscovered.

Me, willing to give, to share what I have learned. Nobody there to take what I have to offer. I want to scream. I want to shout. I want to stomp my feet like a five year old child.

Why do they not listen? In truth, yes it is their loss and I ache badly for them. Missing out dearly, they do not understand. Why do I waste my time for those who don't appreciate? It is too powerful of a secret to be locked up in ones self. The wonderful thing is there is more then enough for everyone. Always.

I'd like to sweep across the globe, inserting it, planting it in everyone's mind. Watch it grow. And continuously grow. Can they not feel its greatness? It makes my heart swell with pride of what I have discovered and what is to come.

The sky is the limit. Imagine if everyone held The Secret of Life. Together with our power, just imagine what we could accomplish. Imaginations only go so far with those who turn a blind eye. My screaming voice is just a silent ring in the back of their mind.

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