Corporation Nation

January 27, 2009
By Runnin_After_Crazy_Rhythm BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
Runnin_After_Crazy_Rhythm BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
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Water down the imagination.
Kill all of the creation.
Broadcast on the radiostation, "Here comes the Corporation Nation!"
Strips of red represent the dead,
Beaten by the whip until evey tear was shed.
Red blood splattered,
A people shattered.
Brought on by this Corporation Nation.
Stripes of white are glowing bright,
When soldiers are fighting in the night,
Missing home, and full of fright,
Because of this Corporation Nation.
Blue sky with silver stars,
Represents the congestion of cars,
And working for something that isn't ours,
But for this Corporation Nation.
Manic lines in shopping malls,
Movie stars that look like dolls,
Consumers responding to the commercials' calls,
Of the Corporation nation.
Children paid 12 cents a day,
They have no time to go and play.
Children with sadness in their eyes,
But we never hear their cries.
Hopelessness silenced by the lies,
Told by the Corporation Nation.
Let's change the way things have become,
Let our voices be heard like the beat of a drum.
Stand up and shout,
And get this message out,

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