My Best Friend

January 27, 2009
By Nicole Ederer BRONZE, Thornwood, New York
Nicole Ederer BRONZE, Thornwood, New York
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I am in my room hiding under the covers
Laughter flows through the big grins on my sister's and my faces
Mischievous and sly
Teeth gleaming from ear to ear
Smiles wide
I am covered in diaper rash cr'me
The water resistant type
Screams from my mother fill the air as she frantically looks for her hidden children
Quickly our giggles stop and we stay quiet, so she won't find us
As the blanket is lifted and the light emerges, the look on my mom's face says it all
There is no need for words, for we know trouble will soon follow
Michelle and I are friends. Best Friends.

Now I am sitting in a bathtub as I receive a lecture from my mother about good things and bad things
This was a bad thing. A very, very bad thing.
The medicine won't come off and my skin is sore from all of the scrubbing
However, I am still giddy from the giggles
Michelle hasn't stopped laughing either
But Mommy doesn't find it so funny
Michelle and I are friends. Best Friends.

Now I realize how silly we were.
Silly little girls with never ending imaginations
Excited children who could find the fun in every thought and idea
Sisters who did everything together
I looked up to her and followed her no matter how wild her plans may be
We were closer than the blood that flows through our veins
And still, after all of these years I still feel the same admiration for my sister as I always did
We are here for each other like no one else
People may come and go, but sisters are forever
Our bond is unbreakable and our love for each other is incredible
No one else can understand the affection or devotion I have for my sister
She is the strong one, the one that is there when the rest of the world isn't
She is my hope, she is my heart, she is my love, she is my life
Michelle and I are friends. Best Friends.
And we will always be.

The author's comments:
This piece is about my older sister Michelle and how close we were growing up. Still now, I look up to her for wisdom, support, and guidance and she has never let me down.

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