Satisfying Boredom

January 27, 2009
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It's Monday and I have nothing to do
It is a simplistic surprise
'Active me!?' My mind questions
So saturated in seriousness and sincerity
Programmed In the hard drive of my mind is carelessness and amusement
But now
I lay in the lyrics of the stereo
Behind the words
I keep falling into my deep sleep
After all it actually is quite agitating
For it is not me, this person being so lazy
Quick clips of crawling, trying to find, trying to be productive
It's useless to try, I might as well bask
In these gaps between entertainment
They will come to pass
Emerging from this rest
This time to be care free
And be best
Next week when I will have plans, but not today
It truly is a simplistic surprise

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fallenoutofgrace said...
May 10, 2014 at 1:25 pm
Salutations my dear friend * bows* been awhile eh? lets get started first off Holy cow you had a day off busy you never would have expected this and i loved your diction and your aliteration " simpltic surprises" nicely done i liekd how it was trying to be lazy but you can't it was a nice way to show the reader who you are. I also enjoyed how you added how you tried to relax wih hte lyrics * high fives fellow music lover* Over all really nicely done and i hope to see more from you :3
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