Sweet, Sweet Emotion

January 27, 2009
By inkypen1616 BRONZE, Yukon, Arkansas
inkypen1616 BRONZE, Yukon, Arkansas
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Our eyes meet
And my heart skips a beat
A connection is made
Deep in the soul
There is no way of escaping
The irresistible pull
An angel from God
Sent down just for me
An answer from Him
To my longing heart's plea

Your chocolately eyes
Melted smoothly into mine
And the touch of your hand
Sent a shiver up my spine

Every nerve in my body
Was like a live wire
And at that moment I knew
My heart was on fire
You'd set it ablaze
With your heart-melting gaze

Feelings for you
I cannot summarize
It is in you, I found love
In it's perfect disguise
My heart is locked tight
In this true, deep devotion
An unbreakable lock
Of your sweet, sweet emotion

It is here, with you
I feel so right
You are the sun in my sky
The moon in my night

All the notes I wrote you
All the notes you wrote me
It was always the bad things
That we'd oversee
An example may be,
Our discovery
The thing I revealed
Wishing I'd not concealed

And I'm sorry, so sorry
For the wrongs that I've done
But please realize
It's my heart that you've won

I've known many guys
And they've said many things
But nothing's more perfect
Than the love your heart brings

No one makes me feel
Like the way that you do
And there's nothing in this world
I want more than you

Our time together
I'll always treasure
And you own my heart
From now to forever

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This article has 1 comment.

Lauren P. said...
on Mar. 2 2009 at 12:08 am
awe! I love this poem!!

You describe perfectly what it feels like to love someone :] especially someone who loves you back



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