Tears for great grandpa

January 26, 2009
By Delayna Peacock BRONZE, Plant City, Florida
Delayna Peacock BRONZE, Plant City, Florida
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Yesterday was filled with tears,
Cause death has jsut been here,
Im woundering if the tears will ever go away,
Thousends of tears behind a smile,
I havent seen you in awhile,
many of years thrown away,
all in just oneday,
i miss you i never thought it would end this way,
I held your hand as they laid you in the grave,
You been waiting for death ever since grandma left,
never got to say goodbye,
why did you have to die?,
Nothing will be the same,
ever since that day you went away,
Many days ive cried,
i wish i was the one that died,
Guilt comes out threw my eyes,
of all those times i told lies,
Alls lost but not forgot,
dispear controls every thought,
If i could just see you
and say goodbye,
i can accept things were ment to be this way,
that day came with shatterd hearts,
somthign in me pulled apart,
dont think death wont find you,
lifes just misconstrued,
i dont think i will see the day when the tears go away,
guilt hides in tears of all those years,
when i avoided your home,
And you were there all alone,
Did you die in hate,
or was it just fate,
i didnt do nothing at all,
but i keep thinkign its my fault your gone,
novicane cant soothe my pain,
im still waiting for that day,
when i can say everythign i didnt say,
Pain has filled my head i jsut wanna crawl into bed,
good times never come and bad times always last,
everything we do is mistakes cause we live our lifes to fast,
can your forgive me,
for being to selfish when you were living,
i clsoed the casket door,
knowing i wont see you anymore,
at your funeral ive cried,
you wernt the only thing that died,
my heart is burried with you,
memories and happyness too,

The author's comments:
My grandpa died 3 years ago and i miss him and cry about him every day i cried the most writign this poem i hope you like it.

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