He said, She said

January 26, 2009
By Elisha Millsom SILVER, Yarmouth, Other
Elisha Millsom SILVER, Yarmouth, Other
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He grabbed her shoulders pulled her close and planted one on her
She pulled back
He did it again
She hauled off and slapped him
He was in shock
She laughed
He tried again
She told him she loved someone else
He wished he had her tongue
She laughs again

He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want him
She doesn’t know why he doesn’t get the hint
He’s broken and in love
She’s broken and healing
He wishes she’d come back
She wishes he’d get lost
He wants her to be his
She wants to stay friends
He can’t explain how he feels
She can hold back the tears

He needs to grow up
She needs to breathe
He needs help
She’s moving on
He says they’re meant to be
She says she has to pee
He’s waiting
She’s gone
What’s with kids these days

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