January 30, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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Absolute love. Unconditional. Unreserved.

Complete compassion. Unrestricted. Undeserved.

She wants what's best for me. Not wants, but yearns.

I refer to my Mother. A Special Guardian that I didn't even earn.

Always taken for granted, until I reach a certain maturity.

She is my conscience. Battling the Evil that is constantly pulling me.

Fighting incessantly to maintain my purity.

If my soul was the president, She would be my security.

If an inmate, She would be the disguised ally with the key.

To crack open the chains of self, to set me free.

To get rid of the blindfold. To help me to see.

That it is fine to be the way I am. To be Me.

She works solo, not even the way it should be.

And alone She does a superior job, even without a He.

She has taught me the importance of perseverance and hard work

To do your best at all times, even when you're boss is a jerk.

That there are things to teach, and still things to learn.

That there are bridges to cross, and still bridges to burn.

That nothing polishes your character like sacrifice.

That only saying that you will do something will never suffice.

This is why she is not an enemy, adversary, opponent. No.

She is my friend, my companion, my inspiration, my Hero

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