The Black Desert

January 30, 2009
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Darkness fills the landscape
A lizard stirs in sleep
His family long away
Taken by the hands of death

The owl perches in the tree
Waiting for his prey
He searches through the dark
For the den of his enemy

A fox dashes across the sand
Her will has been dimmed
To find another fox
To find a place to belong

The mountain lion attacks
The oblivious prey
Has awaken his predator
Who enjoys a quick meal

The rodent limps away
The owl swoops for the kill
His food jets toward safety
A very near miss saves the rat

The rabbit races from his hole
Dawn has finally broken
The sky is lit by the desert colors
A beautiful sunrise
The quail hops with his family
His mate helps him guide
The newborns through the desert
To be acquainted quickly for survival

The snake slides toward her victim
The first blood of the day
Drawn ultimately by the terrain
The deathly black desert

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