The Phoenix

January 29, 2009
By Melissa Kohberger BRONZE, Effort, Pennsylvania
Melissa Kohberger BRONZE, Effort, Pennsylvania
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This is the tale of a broken soul
That once had turned as black as coal
Endless ebony when the fire died
Hiding the light that had once lived inside

Mourning the scorn that the flock had shown
The young phoenix cried as hate had grown
A dark disease spread forth running through
And self loathing and death grew and grew

Always it flew across war torn ground
Holding a hope where peace was not found
Darkened the heart grew as hatred spread
Leaving the young phoenix cold and dead

From high grace it shrieked as it fell
Whithered feathers with none to tell
Burning on corpses that died in the hate
For the broken phoenix it seemed too late

Ashes became all that was known
And there it remained all alone
A once beacon of hope dead from despair
Leaving the world in crimson disrepair

Then from the ashes came a sound
Spreading joy and light around
The phoenix lives rising from the ash
When hurt and pain gave a great lash

From a black death came alive the phoenix once more
A brilliant river sprouted with love to pour
It let out a shrill cry of never ending peace and love
And angels began to cry from the sky way up above

Though the phoenix had died in the ash
And came to the earth with a horrid crash
It rose again from the river of peace
Causing the constant darkness to cease

The author's comments:
Everyone is a phoenix. . .

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on Feb. 13 2009 at 9:37 pm
Very well made. It's very meaningful. I was actually a bit surprised at how well you did. =P

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