The Game Show Message

January 29, 2009
Your life is not a game show
Something you can Press Your Luck
But if you insist on doing so
You might find your life to become in Jeopardy
So go ahead, make believe that you have everything in control
That all you have to do is spin that Wheel of Fortune
To make your life sweet and good
But let me warn you, you're living in a delusion
A place where there isn't Truth or Consequences
So I hope you wake and realize reality
That you finally Figure It Out before you Wipeout
And end up falling on your face
So listen up and stop rolling the dice
Stop taking chances and stop this Trivia Pursuit in only pleasing yourself
So Let's Make A Deal, you turn away from what you can't win
You stop playing this game and realize the truth
So what's it going to be Deal or No Deal

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