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January 30, 2009
By Taryn Burrell BRONZE, Callao, Virginia
Taryn Burrell BRONZE, Callao, Virginia
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LOL (laugh out loud)
I say it but no noise comes from my mouth

OMG (oh my gosh)
I like so cant believe it

TTYL (talk to you later)
I didn't want to talk in the first place

So many abbreviations
why cant I just let it out

I abbreviate my words
like I abbreviate my emotions

I abbreviate my sadness
with fake bursts of happiness

I hide in my closet
away from the world

W.E (whatever)
oh and this matters because

IMU (I miss you)
why miss me there's nothing to miss

but best of all
ILY (I love you babes)

keep it abbreviated
yea let it all stay in
me inside my dark(bright) closet

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