God's Ballroom

January 25, 2009
Life is Beautiful
and I’m going to ask her to dance,
to waltz and twirl till night’s end.

Grab that gentle hand,
such grace in her figure
such power in her eyes.

She steps and turns tirelessly,
I stumble to the floor.
She extends that delicate hand,
a miraculous gracious smile;
everything else fades away.

Body and mind grow, then tire.
Night grows longer, darker;

Finally we take a seat,
She whispers and we laugh,
At the simplicity
The grandeur
The glee
The tragedy, unions, heartbreaks, beauty

A curved figure in a black dress stands to take her final leave,
two delicate lips brush against my own.

And as the sweet breath of life fades from my fatigued and departing being,
I want to say,
In Full Truth,
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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