Streets of gold

January 24, 2009
When the Angel that night at the foot of my bed called out my name and said my place in heaven was ready, I thought of all the people I loved and you came to mind first. I asked if I could live for just one more day so I could see you and say I love you, but the angel said no son it is your time and god is waiting upon his great golden throne.

As I closed my eyes and let go a tear fell from my eye for I thought of all the good times I had with you and even all the bad, I thought once again if only I could live just one more day I say I love you and maybe even see you smile. As I traveled with the angel I was my family and friends I had to leave on earth, I asked the angel why god took me from my family and why I couldn’t stay for just another hour and then I heard the angel say God here he is and I looked up and saw god and all his glory and I asked the angel if this was heaven and all the things God had promised me and the angel said yes.

I asked god if I could walk the streets of gold and god said yes son, you may. As I walked off I looked to my left and saw all my loved ones that had gone on before me and then I thought when my loved ones I left on earth are called home and can see the streets of gold and can walk again pain less and perfect as they will ever be I thought then they will understand why God called me that night and why I didn’t try to retune and once again we will all be in heaven and with loved ones. We will all sing praises of joy and rejoice with one another. There will be no more heartache or tears for we will walk together on the streets of gold.

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