Invisible Girl

January 23, 2009
By OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
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Her alcoholic mother,
see's her no more.
Her druggie dad,
doesn't give a damn.
Her family,
she's never met.
Her friends seem to,
look right through her.

She tries to speak,
but they just ignore.
She tries to listen,
but they no longer talk to her.
She walk among them,
but they don't notice her.
She cries in pain,
but no one seems to care.

The days continue to move forward,
day turning to night.
Sill she doesn't understand,
why everyone hates her so.
Thinking of nothing,
nothing she could of done to deserve this.
So she'll just take it all,
she'll just become the invisible girl.

Going for a walk,
not bothering to tell her parents.
She doesn't know where's she's going,
letting the wind take her where it please's.
The sun soon setting,
the night creeping up.
But still,
she just keeps walking.

Coming upon a cemetery.
where she feels like she belongs.
Walking through slowly,
reading the tombstones.
Not really knowing,
what she's looking for.
Then she stops,
not believing her eyes.

A tombstone barring her name,
but it cannot be!
Falling to her knees,
screaming in agony.
Head between her hands,
as the memories rush in.
She took her own life,
just six months ago.

Remembering the pain she felt,
the desire for it to leave.
Looking at her arms,
the scars now reappearing.
Slashed at her arms,
to numb the pain.
But it never worked,
she continued anyways.

She remembers the day perfectly,
like a movie going through her head.
The gun in her hand,
pointing at her head.
Finger tight around the trigger,
just knowing the pain will be gone soon.
Everything going through her head,
all at once.

Then that shattering sound,
of a gun going off.
Her body on the floor,
blood sprayed everywhere.
Her fathers found her body,
her mother screams in pain.
Friends in disbeilf,
she was so happy.

The day she took her life,
everyone around her changed.
Her mother started drinking,
to forger she's dying inside.
Her father started drugs,
to numb the agony he feels.
Her friends changed for the worst,
loosing one of there own brought there wold down.

Loosing her sanity,
screaming to the starts.
Knowing now no one hear her,
no one could for awhile now.
Understanding why everyone,
hasn't even looked at her.
She truly has become,
the invisible girl.

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