My Everything

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Sometimes I turn into thing I hate the most
And I do what i hate to the people I love
Sometimes anger just builds up in me
and I tend to unleash it on him

I dont mean to

How could i be so rude to the person I love most?

If you know him
tell him I'm sorry

He deserves so much better
... but he doesn't want any better
...cause he swears he has the best...

He tells me I'm his world
and I hope he knows hes mine

Yhen you love someone to the point of where it hurts
Then maybe you'll know how I feel

So I need to learn to think before I talk,
Read what I type before I push enter,
Think before anything.
...I know that's what he would do

He means the world to me
And I wish I could give him the world...
But I can try...
Ill spend my whole life trying...
the world was meant for him...
And I was the one who was suppose to give him it
and I will...
Call it my life goal,
Call him my everything...

The author's comments:
To : M.F.M
With Love : L.M.D

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